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Where does the metal come from?

Our forging process begins one of two ways: You provide the base metal, or we source it from a gun recycler.

Can I get my own gun forged directly into a tool?

If you have a gun you want forged into a tool, we’ll need to know the type of firearm, your location, and what you would like us to create. Since gun laws vary from state to state, we’ll work with you to make this process as smooth as possible.

What if I don’t have a gun I want to have forged?

If you don’t already own a gun you want forged, we’ll work directly with a gun recycler to acquire the best metal from other unwanted guns.

What is the forging process?

Once we’ve acquired the base metal, the steel is heated in a forge and hand-shaped by hammer into billets -- or blanks -- before being meticulously shaped, hardened, tempered and polished. For larger tools, these billets are combined with other steels to create layered, ‘Damascus’ steel.

How long does it take to get my custom tool?

From the time you order your tool, the process should take about 4-6 weeks.

Still have questions?

For questions, concerns, inquiries, or to start your one-of-a-kind tool, contact hello@gunmetalforge.com.